It would not be an exaggeration to say that sport is one of the biggest parts of my life. When I am not busy reading and writing about dead people at university, I spend most of my spare time either playing or watching sport, whether it be normal football, American football, rugby or cricket. As I hope to be a sports writer after uni, I thought that I might as well get some practice, and decided to start this blog. It will cover the important issues that all sports fans care about: Who have been the stars of the Premier League? Who should and shouldn’t be playing for the England cricket team? Can the great hero that is Gary Johnson lead the mighty Yeovil Town back into the Championship?

Where better to start off than with the return of club football. We have now officially entered my favourite part of the year with the Football League having kicked off last weekend, but the truly exciting fact is that the Premier League is set to get underway on Saturday. Of course, as a fanatic, I have no problem watching lower league football, unless it is watching Yeovil Town get easily dispatched 3-0 at home by Doncaster (but I am sure things will improve for the Glovers), but there is nothing which can compare to the excitement that the start of the Premier League season brings.

There is something about this season which has left me perhaps the most excited about a new season that I have been for some years. Perhaps it is the vast number of questions that have arisen over the summer:  Can Van Gaal turn Man U around (I hope not)? Will Southampton crumble without their stars from last season?  Can my club Liverpool balance English and European football, and more importantly, how will they cope without Luis Suarez? These are among many questions that are sure to be answered over the course of the next year.

In fact, whilst I think these questions have increased the anticipation of the season, I think that most of my excitement has been created by the fact that I have no idea what will happen. This is especially true of the Premier League. For the first time in years I can honestly say that I have no clue what will transpire over the next few months, it is just too difficult. We are set to see the most competitive fight for Europe that I can remember, with the standard five names sure to feature, but this year, we also have to predict that Spurs and Everton are going to be far more prominent in the race this year. In addition, it is equally as challenging to pick out the three teams that will be relegated, with many of the names that you might expect to be down there (i.e. Sunderland,) doing what appears to be good business.

That would seem to explain my great excitement, the fact that this Premier League season looks to promise a degree of uncertainty and unpredictability. In honesty, these are traits which make football ‘the beautiful game’, and which have, unfortunately, been lacking in recent years, although we did see some surprises and drama last season. For example it was great to see the big teams such as Chelsea lose or at least drop more points to lower ranked sides (Aston Villa and Crystal Palace come to mind)

All in all, Saturday can’t come fast enough, and I will continue my build up with a closer look at the individual teams that will take part in the Premier League. Bring on the new season!